Dr Christy Cutting

Christy's menagerie of petsDr. Christy Cutting graduated from Oregon State School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She is from all of the “O” states: first Ohio, then Oklahoma, and finally to Oregon, which she has called home since 1984. She wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl.

After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1990, she joined the Peace Corps. She first went to Zaire, Africa, and was there for a year, working with fish farmers until there was a military coup and she was evacuated. She then went to Paraguay, South America, working first as a Peace Corps volunteer with farmers for two years, then as a volunteer coordinator for another year. After that, she moved to Bolivia, South America, and trained Peace Corps volunteers for service.

These experiences reinforced her conviction that veterinarians play a vital role in helping prevent illness in animals in many ways – through vaccinations, through prevention of overpopulation of stray animals, by helping farmers and their livestock and in curing sick pets.

Dr Christy CuttingShe returned to Portland, Oregon, and worked at the Southeast Portland Animal Hospital while working on the prerequisites for veterinary school. After graduating from OSU in 2002, she moved to Roseburg, started working at Companion Animal Clinic and has been there ever since.

Dr. Christy lives in Glide.  She has a small menagerie: two dogs, Josie the heeler and Nikki the German Wire-haired pointer; six beloved goats, especially infamous Bonnie; two cats, the brothers click and Clack; and three turkeys, 10 quail, and nine chickens. When not practicing veterinary medicine, she takes care of her animals, works on her house and garden projects, goes hiking, and really enjoys a good bitter beer!