Compassionate Euthanasia

As pet owners, we may be faced with the decision about when the appropriate time is to say good-bye.  Dr. Christy Cutting understands the decision to euthanize a pet is never an easy one for a pet owner.  Euthanasia is a responsibility she takes very seriously.  We all wish our beloved friends pass peacefully and without fear.  The home environment can be more comfortable, less fearful, and more personal for your family.

Dr. Christy can help you with arrangements for the entire process in this difficult time.

Costs of Home Euthanasia:

House call: $75

Home Euthanasia: $125

(additional charges may apply for extra large pets)

Cremation: cost depends on weight of pet

Transport to crematorium: $75

NOTE: please see the link to the crematorium for additional services